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TP Link Login page is what you are currently looking for, I believe. If so, continue reading this page where we have shared everything related to TP-Link Router Login, Configuration, Changing Password, etc.

TP-Link Router is one of the world’s most favorite routers currently. It has the capabilities of providing the best and secure wireless connections to your home or office. If you have got one at your home or office, you can easily change default settings at TP Link Login page. Let’s continue till the end to find out different ways regarding tp link router login process.

tp link login

Minimum Requirements For The Login Process To Work Correctly

It is highly recommended to follow the below mentioned requirements to avoid any issues at the time of logging in.

  • TP-Link Router – You need to have a tp link router in order to log into tp link admin page.
  • Established Connection – The connection between tp link router and your device should be either wired or wireless.
  • TP Link Router Default Password and Username – It is recommended to keep a set of default login details in case if you don’t remember the actual login details.

Be ready with the above requirements and take a jump to the below section. Do not forget to check out the default login details of your tp link wireless router admin page.

192.168.o.1 TP-Link Default Username & Password


Use the above set of default login details for tp link router admin page anytime. If you have already changed the password of the portal, it is recommended to enter the custom login details.

Compatible Routers, xDSL Routers, Range Extenders

AD7200 V1TL-WR841HP V2Archer VR2800 V1
Archer C5400 V1TL-WR941HP V1Archer VR2600v V1
Archer C3200 V1TL-WR740N V5Archer VR2600 V1
Archer C3150 V1TL-WR741ND V5Archer VR900v V1
Archer C2600 V1TL-WR749N V6Archer VR900 V1
Archer C2300 V1TL-WR840N V2Archer VR600v V1
Archer A2300 V1TL-WR841N V9Archer VR600 V1
Archer C1900 V1TL-WR841ND V9Archer VR400v V1
Archer C9 V1TL-WR842N V3Archer VR400 V1
Archer C8 V1TL-WR843N V4Archer VR200v V1
Archer C7 V2TL-WR845N V1Archer VR200 V1
Archer C1200 V1TL-WR849N V4Archer D9 V1
Archer C60 V1TL-WR940N V2Archer D7 V1
Archer C59 V1TL-WR941ND V5Archer D5 V1
Archer C58 V1TL-WR942N V1Archer D2 V1
Archer C55 V1TL-WR945N V1Archer D20 V1
Archer C50 V1TL-WR949N V5TD-W9977 V1
Archer C2 V1TL-WR1043N V5RE650 V1
Archer C900 V1TL-WR1043ND V3RE590T V1
Archer C25 V1TL-WR1045ND V2RE580D V1
Archer C20 V1TL-WDR3500 V1RE500 V1
Archer C20i V1TL-WDR3600 V1RE450 V1
TL-WDR4300 V1Archer VR2800v V1RE380D V1
TL-WA860RE V2TL-WA855RE V1RE355 V1
TL-WA854RE V2TL-WA850RE V2RE350 V1
TL-WA830RE V3TL-WA820RE V1RE305 V1
Archer CR1900 V1Archer MR200 V2

TP Link Login – ( was the old tp link router login page address. So, you cannot login at the old portal address at any cost. You need to use the new one that is, Let us go through the top 3 methods that are currently available for tplink login.

1 –

The very first method is all about a new tplink login page. In order to be able to avoid mess up with the tp link default gateway address and all, you can follow this method.

  • Clear your browser cache on your personal computer or a smartphone first.
  • Open the web browser now and enter in the url bar, hit “GO”.
  • The tp link router login page will start loading on your device now. login

  • Then, you will have to enter the username “admin” and password “password” in the boxes.
  • Hit “Login” and wait while the login details are getting validated.

2 – TP Link Default Gateway IP

The default gateway ip address of tplink router can be either or So, you will have to try any of them and go with it, if it is working. Otherwise, you will have to try the other one for tp link login.

  • Firstly, open a web browser on your phone or pc and clear the browser cache for good results.
  • Enter in the url bar and hit “Enter” button to load the page.
  • Type in the tp link admin username and password if the page is loaded completely and hit “Login”.

tp link admin login

  • Otherwise, go back to the url bar of the web browser and enter and load the page.
  • If the page is loaded, enter the tp-link login details and hit “Login”.

3 – Tp Link Tether – Mobile Application

If you are not happy with the above 2 methods, you may try this method. In this method, you are going to use tp link tether app on android phone or iOS device. Let us see the step be step procedure right away.


  • Download Tp Link Tether Apk for android from this link – Download for Android.
  • Download Tp Link Tether App for iOS from this link – Download for iOS.
  • Otherwise, scan the QR code shown below for tp-link tether app download on your android and iOS devices.

download tp link tether apk app

  • Go through the on-screen instructions to install tp link wifi app on your android phone and/or iPhone, iPad.
  • Launch the app and enable TP-Link Tether.
  • Now, find the router in the devices list.
  • Click the router from the list that you see inside the tp link tether app.

This way, you can manage your router very easily. Let us know the best method among all three methods that we have written about in this article.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Default IP Address Of TP-Link Router? is the tp link router default gateway ip addres. You may also try if the aforementioned gateway address is not working for you.

2. What Is The Default Username and Password Of TP-Link Router?

The default useranme of the tp link router is “admin” and the default password is “password”. All the letters are case sensitive and are small case letters.

3. Why Is Not Working? is no more an active web address now. The web address is currently resulting in a 404 error. Instead, you have to use as your tp-link router login page.

4. Why Is Not Working? is a working web address of the TP-Link Router. It is working well with no issues by far. But it will not display the login screen if you haven’t connected your device to the tp link wifi network.

Wrapping Up

The working url of Tp Link Login Page is We have shared the instructions for logging into tp-link admin page in this article, especially three available methods. Check out the compatible routers, xDSL routers, Range Extenders list along with default username and password. Comment below this page if you need any kind of help from us.

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