MyRouter.Local – Linksys Router Login, Default Password & Setup

Myrouter.local is the linksys router’s default web address for managing the wifi connection locally. Users of linksys router can access the portal at the web address http://myrouter.local only if they are connected through their linksys router.

Stick to this article till the end to know how to setup your linksys router at home or office. We have covered everything related to myrouter.local portal. So, if you want to change the password of the wifi connection or the SSID, you can do it without any issues.

linksys myrouter.local login

Moreover, you can troubleshoot your wireless connection on the go. You can block specific websites, create a wifi network for your guests, block or remove internet access to unwanted devices. You may also share the files across your local area network through LAN connection.

MyRouter.Local Linksys Router Login

If you have the router box with you at home or office, you can log into the web based portal myrouter.local on your phone or pc. We have summerized the steps for login and shared them right below.

  • Connect the linksys router to power connection or UPS (Battery) and turn the device on.
  • Now, connect your phone or pc to the router (on which you are going to login).
  • Connect your device to the linksys router through wireless connection which is recommended if you are using a smartphone.
  • Otherwise, you may use the ethernet cable to connect your personal computer and linksys router.
  • Now, open up the chrome browser or any other web browser on your phone or personal computer.
  • Enter http://myrouter.local in the url bar of the browser on your phone or pc.
  • Make sure that the web address is correct, in order to be able to get the login screen from the linksys router portal.
  • Otherwise, you can enter in the url bar without http to load myrouter local portal.


  • Enter the username and password on the login screen of linksys router access page.
  • If you don’t know the linksys default username and password, just enter the below details.
    • Username – admin
    • Password – admin
  • The default username and the password mentioned above works only if you have not changed the login details in past.
  • So, finally, hit “Login” button on the portal page to validate the login process.

Unable To Open My Router Local Portal Online?

If you are getting any error opening the router’s login page, you can follow the tips shared below.

  • The very first thing is the connection between your router and your device. Your device should be in connection with your linksys router.
  • The next important thing is that the correct address of the my router local portal. The portal’s address should be either http://myrouter.local or myrouter.local. But it should not have any kind of mistakes in it, check out the wrong addresses for you reference.
    • http //myrouter.local
    • http:myrouter.local
    • http://myrouter-local
    • www.myrouter.local/signin
    • http://myrouter local
    • www.myrouter-local
    • www.myrouter.local
    • https://myrouter.local
  • Moreover, you need to have the login details with you before you begin logging in. Otherwise, you can either reset the router in order to use the default username and password.

How To Fix Device Not Found Error on MyRouter.Local Portal?

Sometimes, you will see the message “Device Not Found” when you try to connect your android phone or iPhone or a PC to the wireless network. In such a case, you will have to follow the below mentioned tips to fix the issue.

  • Run LinkSys Connect on your computer (desktop or pc).
  • Now, go open control panel on your windows computer.
  • Then, go to Computers and Devices.
  • Open Other Wireless Devices settings now.
  • Now, you will have to enable the wifi connection of wireless device and look for the name of the network.
  • Choose the network name of the router and enter the password now.
  • Hit “Next” option in LinkSys Connect now.
  • After authenticating the wireless connection, enter the name in the LinkSys Connect for the device and hit “Finish” option at the end.

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How To Change LinkSys Wifi Password at http://myrouter.local?

Do you know that you can change the password of your wireless network? if not, read the steps shared below.

  • The very first thing that you can do is, open myrouter local web portal on your device.
  • Enter the username, password and log into the portal successfully.
  • Then, you will have to go to Wireless section in the portal.
  • Hit “Wireless Settings” section now.
  • Type the new password that you want to set for the router connection at Passphrase field.
  • Re-Enter the new password that you have entered above to confirm the password and hit “Save”.

Since the password has been changed by you, all the connected devices will get disconnected from the network. Not a problem, you can enter the new password on your devices to get connected to the network now again.

How To Reset The LinkSys Router?

Resetting the linksys router is definitely not a big deal. But it should be done carefully because all the previous settings will wipe out and you will get a fresh connection with default settings and default login username and passwords.

myrouter local linksys router reset

You can reset the router if you have trouble logging in or any kind of issues with connection. Let us check out the steps shared below.

  • There will be a reset button at the back of the linksys router as you can see in the above image.
  • Now, connect the router to power connection before you reset the router.
  • Click the reset button and hold it for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Now, you may notice that the LED lights of the router box start blinking.
  • The router will be restarted from the current state to the the fresh state.

Now, all the previous settings of your linksys router will be erased and you will be able to get the router in a brand new condition. The username and password for the router portal will also be restored to default username and password.

Wrapping Up

If you are using a linkys router for internet, you can customize the router settings at http://myrouter.local online. The portal can only be accessed from the connected devices and that too locally. You cannot open up the page by using the internet connection as it’s a local portal associated with your router. We have shared how to login to myrouter.local portal and resetting the password and complete router in this article.

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