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FMS BNSL is nothing but the franchisee management system of BSNL. The franchisee management system of bnsl allows the eligible people to register, login to the portal at To know more about BSNL FMS Portal, continue reading this page where we have shared all the important information.

I do not want to talk much about the history of BSNL but will talk only about the franchisee management portal of bsnl in this article. If you wish to know more about BSNL, you can read this wikipedia article.

fms bsnl

In order to provide you quality information, we don’t want to confuse you by providing the unnecessary information. Let’s hop into the topic “FMS BNSL” right away and explore the opportunities that you can get. If you want to log into your current router portal, read post where you will important info.

Everything You Should Know About FMS BSNL Portal

As mentioned earlier, FMS BSNL is an online portal developed by BSNL Official for franchisees. The BSNL franchisees can visit website and manage customer information, connections, plans, billings and much more.

BSNL has started this franchisee management online tool to expand their business across india. It is a fact that BSNL was one of the major telecom service providers in INDIA until the game changer JIO enters the market back in 2016. After the entry of Jio, a lot of changes were happened in terms of user tarriffs, availability of internet to people, talktime plans, etc.

Each and every single telecom provider had faced a tough time. Some of the leading aggregators such as Idea, Vodafone, Tata Docomo, Aircel, Airtel and BSNL have struggled a lot. If you want to know more about what exactly happened in that period, you may consider reading this post.

As time passes by, the competetiors had their plans and they are good at their business so as BSNL. Currently, Reliance JIO is number 1 and BSNL is number 2 in Home Broadband sector according to Trai. You can read more about it here.

BSNL have decides very strongly to expand their broadband services across india to become number 1. In this process, they have come up with FMS BSNL Services. It means that, anyone can become the franchisee of bsnl from allover INDIA to distribute the services of BSNL. That is what you need to know about BSNL FMS Portal and please do not skip the below information.

FMS BSNL Portal Overview –

BNSL FMS is a huge opporunity to people because it is a good way to earn some money through distribution of bsnl services. The services include but not limited to BNSL Home Broadband, Mobile Recharge and much more. Let’s go through the list shared below to get complete information about it.

  • BSNL broadband services
  • FTTH – Fibre To The Home
  • Sales Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Team Management
  • Monthly Reports
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Commission Reports (No Of Approved & No Of Pending)
  • ERP Invoices
  • Realtime Revenue Share
  • Web Based Help Desk
  • Teevra App Download
  • Epay App Download
  • Sanchar Adhar App Download
  • Dedicated IT Tools
  • Product Packaging & Pricing
  • Activity Based Commission

So, you can get all the above mentioned services at FMS BSNL Portal. You can simply go to BSNL FMS Login Page and create an account to be able to become the franchisee of bsnl broadband services. Let’s see the remaining process in detail now.

How To Login on Portal?

Here is a simple guide to login bsnl fms web portal, let’s follow the instructions shared below.

  • Visit FMS BSNL Login Page by entering the URL – Or, you may simply click here to go to the portal page directly from here.

fms bsnl login

  • You will be able to see the login page of the bsnl fms portal. Left side of the screen will show you the benefits of the portal and right portion of the screen will show you the login option and password recovery option.
  • Enter the BSNL Franchisee Username and Password in their fields and hit “Sign In”.
  • Now, fms portal of bsnl verifies the username and password entered by you, you will be able to login to the portal.

How To Reset FMS BSNL Forgot Password?

If you have any login difficulty, you may reset the password from the (fms. bsnl. in) portal. Let’s check out the simple steps that you shall follow in order to restore or recover the password.

  • Go to website on your personal computer or smartphone.

fms bsnl forgot password

  • You will be able to see the login screen as shown above. Hit “Forgot Password?” option as highlighted in the above image. Click on the option now to get the password receovery options.

fms bsnl login page

  • Enter the Username of bsnl broadband fms portal in the field indicated with arrow mark.
  • Now, hit “Send OTP to Registered Mobile” option to receive the OTP (One Time Password) on your phone.

That’s it! this way, you can easily recover the lost password from fms portal anytime you want. Don’t forget that you shouldn’t try this everytime.

Few Important Posts For You…

How To Get BSNL Franchisee Online?

The above instructions are for the existing franchisees. If you are new and interested in becoming the bsnl franchisee to distribute the services such as broadband, tele services or iptv, you can get the franchisee by following below steps.

BSNL Franchisee Registration   

  • Visit the url – using google chrome or any web browser on your pc or smartphone. Otherwise, simply click above link to go to the registration page directly from here.

fms bsnl franchisee registration

  • Enter the required details such as Company Name, Surname, Email ID, Address, Phone Number, etc.
  • Hit “Submit” button to finish the bsnl franchisee registration.

Eligible Candidates For FMS BSNL Franchisee

We have shared the categories of people who can apply for BSNL FMS Franchisee. In fact, you can also apply if you are one of the below mentioned categories.

  • Registered Companies
  • BSNL Retailers
  • BSNL Wholesalers
  • Direct Selling Agents
  • Local Business Companies
  • Builders
  • Local Cable TV Operators
  • Local Business Individuals
  • Telecom Infrastucture Provider
  • System Integrators
  • Resident Welfare Associations
  • Registered Organisations

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How Can I Get BSNL Franchisee Code?

You will get bsnl franchisee code upon successful registration as partner at Enter all the required details on the registered page and enter your phone number before you hit submit button. After successful verification of the details that you have submitted, you will receive a franchisee code on your phone number.

2. What Is DSA and FMS in BSNL?

DSA is nothing but Direct Selling Agent wherease FMS means franchisee management system. First one is all about the agents of bsnl who sell the services or products of BSNL directly. Whereas in FMS, the franchisees will have set of things to do online and they can keep track of their customer’s info, issues and much more.

3. What Is BSNL LCO?

LCO means the Local Cable TV Operators and of course, they are eligible to become the franchisee of BSNL.

4. Can I Distribute Bharat AirFibre With BSNL FMS System?

Yes! you can distribute Bharat AirFibre, BSNL IPTV, BSNL Home Broadband services and much more with franchisee management system of BSNL.

Wrapping Up

We have shared complete information about BSNL FMS Portal in this article. You can go through the eligible candidates list, how to login, how to register as franchisee, how to reset forgot password, etc. Do not forget to comment down if you get any trouble while you are logging in to Franchisee Management System of BSNL.

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