Arris Router Login – Manage Your Arris Wireless Network

Would you like to know the default ip of arris router? let’s find out the same in this article. Along with that, we will also provide you arris default password, username and also a method for arris router login. For that, you don’t need to do anything extra except reading the guidelines carefully.

Arris is a well known wireless router manufacturer whose got tremendous craze among people. If you are a customer of arris router or modem, I don’t think you need any kind of an introduction to their products and the services they provide. Okay, let’s dive into the topic “Arris Router Login”.

arris router login

Some Basic Requirements

We have listed down some very basic requirements that you need to have. Why because, you cannot configure an arris router with a d-link or any other router/modem. Sounds confusing? go through the checklist to understand it better.

  • You need arris wifi router or arris modem or arris surfboard.
  • Arris default gateway address is a must.
  • Arris default password and username is must (only if you haven’t changed it already).
  • You need a safety pin or a paperclip (in order to push the router reset button).
  • A smartphone or a computer or pc or a laptop.

Those are the must have requirements for you get started with. Now, let’s go through the procedure of arris modem login.

Arris Router Default Password and Username

Arris UsernameArris Password

Use the above username and password at the time of login only if you don’t remember them.

Arris Router Default IP Address

The first two ip addresses works with most of the arris models. If you have any doubts regarding the ip address, comment below with your router model. If the above ip addresses are not working, you can try which works with most of the routers and modems.

Arris Router Login Steps

arris admin login

  • Turn on your arris wifi router or arris modem or arris surfboard.
  • Wait until all the lights become active and wifi network is available.
  • Now, connect your smartphone or a computer to your arris router’s network through wire or wirelessly.
  • Now, you need to open up the web browser on your pc or smartphone and that should be connected to the arris wireless network.
  • Enter in the url bar and hit enter. Or, simply click here to go the arris default admin page.
  • If the above IP address not working, try in the url bar of the browser and hit enter to land on the arris login page.
  • Now, enter the default username and password of arris router.
  • Hit “Login” and proceed with the on-screen instructions to finish the login process.

You may go around after logging in to change arris router password, configure router channels and other settings.

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How To Reset Arris Router To Default Settings?

Do you know that you can actually reset arris router easily? yes, it is easy. Even though it is easy, the steps that you take in order to reset arris modem or router should be carefully carried out.

As I have mentioned in the requirements, take out the paperclip or a safety pin to your hand. Go to your arris router and turn it around to see the reset button. Press with the paperclip in the reset hole for 10 to 15 seconds and release it. The arris router will now come to it’s default state.

Having a doubt? leave it in the comments below to get the answers from our support staff.

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