3JTech Router Login – Default Username, Password and IP Address

3JTech is a broadband company which provide internet and broadband services. Even though, the company is not very much famous, it is one of the finest wifi routers out there in terms of overall security of the network.

In fact, it’s one of the oldest router brands which opened gates for internet and 2G, 3G technologies and we may call it a pioneer in the industry.

If you are still using the 3JTech router at home or office, you may want to login to the 3JTech Router Portal. If so, let’s read this article to get the step by step instructions for logging in. On the other hand, we have also shared 3JTech default password and username for the easy login.

3JTech Default Gateway IP Address

3JTech Gateway IPVisit The Login Page Login Login

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3JTech Default Password And Username

3JTech Router Model3JTech Username3JTech Password
Dedicated Wifi Router (DWR)

Since the 3JTech router is way older router brand, it doesn’t have many models such as others. But, whatever models it has are best in it’s way and people are loving it. If you have a 3JTech wireless router, you can go ahead and check out the step by step instructions for logging to the admin dashboard.

3JTech Router Login Instructions (Step By Step)

Let’s go ahead with the instructions that you have to check:

  1. Make sure that your device is in connection with your 3JTech router through LAN or wireless connection.
  2. Next, you should open up the web browser.
  3. Type in the browser’s url bar and hit enter to load the login page of your router.
  4. If that seems not working, try or in the url bar of your browser.
  5. Now, just copy the username and enter it in the username field.
  6. Then, just copy the password and enter that in the password filed.
  7. Finally, hit “Login” in order to get inside of the 3JTech router admin dashboard.

Now, you should be logged in safely and successfully. If you are still not able to log into the portal, leave your comments below this article for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is 3JTech A Dedicated Wifi Router?

Yeah, it is a DWR router which was one of the finest choices by people in the early stages of it’s introduction to the market. Using which, you can share your wireless connection up to 10 different devices.

2. What Is The Default Username For 3JTech DWR Router?

The username in most of the cases is admin. In case if that is not working for you, leave the username field as a blank and enter the password only.

3. What Is The Default Password Of 3JTech Wifi Portal?

Default password is “password” without quote marks. This password will work only if you have not changed it till date.

4. Will I Lost My Wifi Settings If I Reset My 3JTech Router?

Of course! you will loose all the pre configured settings on your router. It’s highly suggested to understand the concept of resetting the router before trying your hands on.

Wrapping Up

In our research while gathering information for 3J Tech Router Login guide, we haven’t found it’s models more than 2. That’s the reason why we haven’t listed them down. If you know the model names, feel free to comment below this article, so that we will add them to the list.

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