2Wire Router Login – Default Username, Password, IP Address

2Wire is a popular router brand but with a limited user base in the united states. The official website of the 2Wire router is www.2wire.com which is now redirected to https://www.commscope.com/. It seems that the 2Wire brand is no more serving the services but still people have 2Wire wireless routers at home. If you also have one, and looking for 2Wire Router Login, this guide is for you.

We have listed down all the models of the router with 2Wire Default Password and Default Gateway Address in this article. So that, you will be able to login to the router portal and make changes to the wireless settings easily, right from your home.

2Wire Router Default Gateway Address

2Wire Router Login Login

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2Wire Default Username And Password

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2Wire Router Login Steps

2 Wire router has various models in the market. If you know the model of the router that you are currently using, you may directly copy and paste the username and password for logging it. But, let’s check out the steps that you may want to follow in order to log into the router’s admin panel.

  1. Connect your Android Phone or PC or iPhone to your router through wireless network or LAN.
  2. Open the web browser (incognito is best).
  3. Go to in the url bar without http and things like that. Just enter the plain IP address and hit enter.
  4. Now, you can enter 2wire default password and username from this article.
  5. Hit “Login” and boom, you are done now. You may change the settings and make any kind of modifications to your wireless network.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is 2Wire A Modem Or A Router?

2Wire is a router and it is not a modem, to be clear about it.

2. Is 2Wire Routers Still Available?

The Official 2Wire business was closed in 2015 itself for undisclosed details. But, AT&T brand has been releasing the 2Wire Wireless Router with DSL Modem.

3. How To Maximize Performance Of A 2Wire Router?

By logging into 2Wire default gateway portal, you can configure and modify various settings for better quality service and things as such.

Wrapping Up

2Wire Default Gateway IP is and you can find out the login details of the models. Filter the brand and Model to view the username and password for portal login. We have also answered the frequently asked questions in this article. Do not forget to post your comments and doubts below this article.

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