4G Systems Router Login – Default Username, Password, IP Address

4G Systems Router is a well known brand in European Countries. The company “4G Systems” manufactures 4G System routers which comes with a LED Display to show the signal strength and some settings. If you have been using any model of the 4G Systems Wireless Router, you need to read this guide. In this guide, we […]

3JTech Router Login – Default Username, Password and IP Address

3JTech is a broadband company which provide internet and broadband services. Even though, the company is not very much famous, it is one of the finest wifi routers out there in terms of overall security of the network. In fact, it’s one of the oldest router brands which opened gates for internet and 2G, 3G […]

3Com Router Login – Default Password, Username, IP Address

3Com routers are well known for advanced security. That made the brand one of the popular router brands around the globe. But, do you know the default gateway address of 3com router? if not, let’s read this article to know. On the other hand, we also provide you 3com default password and username to manage […]

2Wire Router Login – Default Username, Password, IP Address

2Wire is a popular router brand but with a limited user base in the united states. The official website of the 2Wire router is www.2wire.com which is now redirected to https://www.commscope.com/. It seems that the 2Wire brand is no more serving the services but still people have 2Wire wireless routers at home. If you also […]

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